we are many. we are now. we are beyond. we are humans. we are ​agents, changemakers, and believers. we are down to earth, committed to the future. we are thinkers, fighters, runners, and leaders. we are believers of the process. we are problem solvers​. resilient, versatile, and swift. we are a team of two, a team of experts and a team for the future. we are me, you, him, her and everyone else. we are athletes, creatives, catalysts, and ambassadors. the next generation of active dedication. ​we are ever-evolving into our best selves. always aiming, connecting, and performing. we are here and there, we are insiders living outside the box. we have become and are becoming. we are today and tomorrow, we are complete but never finished. we are various and numerous. we are one. we are many.


Kim Vanderlinden



+32 485 38 66 45

 meticulous with a nothing-is-impossible attitude. reliable. shameless introvert who values meaningful connection. equal parts considerate and daring. sweet spot between ratio and intuition. 

Helena Van der Plaetsen



+32 494 88 16 88

extrovert who needs her yoga mat. brown-eyes-medium-height. straight forward with a little added drama. passive-aggressive meets fearless. decisive yet impulsive. above all, loyal.

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