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we are many. we are now. we are beyond. we are humans. we are ​agents, changemakers, and believers. we are down to earth, committed to the future. we are thinkers, fighters, runners, and leaders. we are believers of the process. we are problem solvers​. resilient, versatile, and swift. we are a team of two, a team of experts and a team for the future. we are me, you, him, her, them and everyone else. we are athletes, creatives, catalysts, and ambassadors. the next generation of active dedication. ​we are ever-evolving into our best selves. always aiming, connecting, and performing. we are here and there, we are insiders living outside the box. we have become and are becoming. we are today and tomorrow, we are complete but never finished. we are various and numerous. we are one. we are many.

we are

a multi-skilled management and communications agency and it is our mission to provide expert support and a bespoke management structure for both aspiring and established world-class performers. we adapt our work to suit each client's individual goals and specific requirements. at we are many, protecting our clients' rights and integrity is fundamental. through diverse thinking, in-depth industry knowledge and a vast network of expert leaders we ensure our clients have access to the best opportunities and can reach their fullest potential. 

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specialists in elite athlete management, we are here to help elite athletes develop both on and off the field and maximize their professional career. we tailor our services such that they are not only known for playing a sport but become the face of it. our expertise spans from competition scheduling and contract negotiations to brand development and media relations. our unyielding commitment to the highest quality shines through in everything we do, expanding the definition of what athlete management is all about.

connoisseurs of the sports industry and devotees to all things PR and communication, we are nimble thinkers and authentic storytellers skillfully navigating uncommon and ever-changing terrains. we have long been convinced that every one of our clients has a unique and exceptional story to tell. through personal branding, copywriting or social media optimization, we accompany them in finding their voice, creating new platforms, and connecting with their audiences.





over the years we have worked with a vast selection of global leaders and brave brands and are happy to be part of a corporate community that believes our clients are creating impactful change. we exist to establish authentic connections between our clients, organizations, brands, and charities enacting a meaningful cross-pollination between sports and business. at we are many, we help our clients make full use of their intellectual property rights and create thoughtful, memorable, and - above all - tangible results while staying true to their principles, goals, and image. 

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characterized by their willpower and discipline to always evolve and elevate their field. they see opportunity in adversity and push the limits of what the world believes is possible on a routine basis. they naturally embrace the process and make their own choices. they radiate excellence on and off their field of play, are genuine, down to earth and accessible individuals who win with integrity. above all, they are human and there's not just one single label that defines them. they are many.

our clients are

bashir abdi

Olympic and world bronze medalist consecutively. 

European record holder in the marathon. European vice-champion in the 10K. father of three. equal parts resilient and go-getter. always wearing a smile.

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double Olympic, world, and European champion in the heptathlon. World indoor record holder. arguably the most versatile female athlete today. UNICEF goodwill ambassador. strong-willed. walking her talk with both feet on the ground.

nafi thiam

european senior, u23 and u20 decathlon champion. double world universiade gold medalist, olympic finalist and 5 time world athletics championships participant. testicular cancer survivor and founder of the Back on Track foundation.

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van der plaetsen
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south african prodigy that brought home gold at the world athletics u18 and u20 championships. commonwealth games bronze medalist. don't be deceived by her sweetheart looks, when the gun goes off she morphs into an exceptional competitor. 

van der walt


have you got a question or are you interested in working with us? we'd love to hear from you. 

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our story

we are many - formerly known as wafel sports management - builds on years of expertise in the sports industry. what started as a common love for track and field, turned into a shared interest of all things sports marketing and communication. while our origin story began with a focus on elite athlete management, over the last decade, the scope of our expertise have widened. today, providing a myriad of custom services, we continue to keep our clients at the center of what we do and continue to actively challenge the status quo. never afraid of raising the bar, we are many is an agency that aims to elevate its clients by creating a vision bigger than ourselves. 

over the last ten years, we have have had the pleasure of working with a diverse group of elite performers, each with their own goals, ambitions, and personalities. we are proud to have embraced their uniqueness, their ever-changing aspirations and the many roles they have embodied throughout their careers. they have shown us that being an expert in one field, does not exclude versatility in personality, interests, and expertise in other fields. they have proven to be today as well as tomorrow, that they are various and numerous, that they are one as well as many.



with their combined backgrounds in communication and sports management and shared entrepreneurial spirit, founders kim and helena possess more than 10 years of highly-specialized experience. their tailor-made approach focusses on the long term interests of their clients and allows them to guide them along their individual journeys. as a ghent based duo operating in a fast-paced world, they take pride in being versatile, dynamic, transparent, and dependable. their ways are known to be precise, down to earth, and always with a feminine touch.  


Kim Vanderlinden


+32 485 38 66 45

 meticulous with a nothing-is-impossible attitude. reliable. sweet spot between ratio and intuition. shameless introvert who values meaningful connection. aesthete. always dreaming of new york.


Helena Van der Plaetsen


+32 494 88 16 88

extrovert who needs her yoga mat. brown-eyes-medium-height. straight forward with a little added drama. passive-aggressive meets fearless. decisive yet impulsive. above all, loyal.

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